An unusual approach to photography, these are photos that look like woven textiles. I've always had a love affair with cloth and when I got my Master's Degree in painting, I minored in textiles, doing weaving, felting and painting on silk. I realized that all three disciplines that I love (painting, photography and textiles) could be combined in one piece of art. Tasteful yet dramatic, this truely original type of art is first photographed, then perhaps painted, then photographed again and digitally altered, maybe enhanced and then duplicated by me. I think these would make great prints for anyone who loves cloth, especially handmade textiles, but in particular a weaver or seamstress would love to hang them in their workspace, as I have. Manipulated in the computer to create the look of woven textiles, all of these prints will expose more detail in the larger sizes so be sure to look at the full resolution images to see all the great detail!

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